édric Océan
Singer • Cameroon

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My story

Cedric Ocean, is a young singer and choreographer from Cameroon. Winner of several singing and music competitions, he joined the National Ensemble in 2006; elite of the Great Cameroonian culture, where he trains, exercises and defends the colors of his country through countless international festivals. A career that will earn him in 2019 as an artist, to be elevated to the rank of Knight of the Order of Cameroonian Value and Merit. Follower of world music; Cédric Ocean's music is intended to be melodious, universal, with mixed influences and carrying a message of hope, love and self-transcendence.The main goal here being of course to bring it’s stone to the building of Cameroonian culture, but above all to be part of this generation of artists on which Cameroon, Africa and even the world will now have to rely...


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