Negro folk • Garoua, Cameroon

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My story

Born in 1991 in Garoua and passionate about music since childhood, Miss Diallo, whose real name is Stéphanie Diallo Mbakop, is a singer-songwriter and performer of Cameroonian origin through her father and Chadian through her mother. She is the winner of the first edition of the ResiliArt/UNESCO 2021 music competition. Diallo's musical style is Negro folk, a mixture of the Negro spiritual once sung by black slaves in America and the so-called folk music from Africa. Diallo is deeply rooted in her culture and spent a difficult childhood with children in the YELWA-MEHIRI district of Garoua where she acquired her first musical sensations. Most of his compositions retrace his career and his experience. Diallo is very sensitive to the suffering of people and particularly vulnerable children and women.


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