amille Abongo
Afro-Folk, Soul • Yaoundé, Cameroon

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My story

Kamille Abongo is a singer, songwriter and performer born in Yaoundé. A spiritual, sympathetic and sensitive character, from the "Éton-Manguissa" tribe, he is a lover of the languages ​​and rhythms of Africa which have their origins in the onomatopoeia and cries of the forest. Thanks to his sophisticated voice, his qualities as a good interpreter in live shows, he ranks in the line of world music artists. Because, his style made of World, Afro-Folk and Soul sounds on which he tells his story, his experiences, the messages of life, stems from his traditions and his external influences, and constitutes an enormous sheet on which he adores express like a tom-tom knowing how to resound in the distance. He offers his very first Album called "One More Step" in 2021, in which is taken the title "Mam iding" available to listen to since March 05, 2022.


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