Rap • Douala, Cameroon

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My story

I am Pamela, rapper artist of Cameroonian origin. From my real name TCHOUAGA YANGOUE merline pamela born on February 08, 1989 in Douala. I started in music in the years 2002, carried away by the ambient misery of my neighborhood and by my difficulties in making myself understood within my family, I developed a passion for rap although this field was not not visibly intended for women I had to create a path for myself in order to be able to express myself through my texts. I wrote the very first texts in 2002, and very quickly I joined certain local labels, in particular the dirty clan, squad Room and today Master of the Game, I worked in particular on compilations such as urban ladies by H4life in 2010, and Kouba Lanta by Boudorium prod in 2011, several other collaborations to my credit, My very first EP Printemps de femme released under the Masters of the Game label in 2017 is available on all download platforms. Winner of the first edition of the ResiliArt / UNESCO 2021 music competition, I am preparing in this year 2022 a new opus and lots of projects to come. I invite you to follow on my pamela Rap Feminist page.


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