ir Dikand
Cross-genre • Guego

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My story

Originally from the Guego village, Guidiguis district, Mayo Kani department in the far north region, Sir Dikand, whose birth name was André Dikwe, was born on March 31, 1988 in Deng-Deng. His passion for music was noticeable from childhood and he took his first steps from the end of 2006 in the orchestra of the University of Ngaoundere. Although influenced by Western music (rnb, classical music, opera, world and pop) he remains much attached to his culture. This is the reason why at least 40% of his texts are in his most popular language, Tupuri. Sir Dikand is a committed artist and in his music he addresses social issues such as terrorism, war, and education, protection of access to water, tolerance and living together. Also a social science engineer and humanitarian worker, he sensitizes communities on different themes and to date he has committed "say no to terrorism" best song for peace in 2017 and recently indifference (stop it) which militates for the safeguard of rights of children in the period and areas of conflict.


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