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My story

A founding member of the group "X-GANG RAP", Teddy is a Cameroonian Rapper with to his credit a solo album, "Premières rimes", in the process of being released in December 2022. From his real name Julien Thierry EPOH DOKO, Teddy was very early in childhood a music enthusiast, a passion he received from his mother, a great music lover, who rocked him on Old makossa and Bikutsi from the 80s or on slows and great classics of French and even English songs from the same period. Thus, as he grew up, so did his love for the musical art, in a universe populated with melodies and hymns that he hums all the time. In the years 90, he discovers new trends (Ragga, Reggae, Soul, New Jack, Rap …) and sees this love for music grow more beautifully. He then began to write and dreams one day of sharing this flame that shines with the whole world a little more in him every day. When he begins to make known his first texts to loved ones, he received the nickname "TED" from those around him (Thierry EPOH DOKO); nickname which later became "Teddy" for close friends or even 2ble D Y (read Double D Y). Having spent a long time rubbing shoulders with the stages and circles of the Cameroonian Hip Hop, in 2022 Teddy shared with the Cameroonian public a first album "Premières rimes" which he considers to be an adventure in his life. Considering himself an altruist and philanthropist, Teddy sings his vision of life: his ideals, his hopes, his faith, his greatness of mind, his thirst for notoriety… His resentment towards the life he finds unfair and harsh, and what he doesn’t like about the mentalities of our modern society which so much needs a change. He also sings his faith in love and in the Humanity.


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